Bombers DC Dressage Happy Tongue Bit

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Bombers DC Dressage Happy Tongue STR Swivel is designed to release as many pressure points as possible resulting in safe, comfortable communication.

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Bombers DC Dressage Happy Tongue Bit

Bombers DC Dressage Happy Tongue STR Swivel is designed to release as many pressure points as possible. As a result it creates a safe, comfortable communication.

The reins are attached to the large dee, which swings open independently of the cheekpiece. In addition, the Mouthpiece is fixed to the cheekpiece with a solid surface area to encourage flexion.

The Key Feature of the Cheekpiece is the loose ring which attaches to the bridle which can also rotate, ensuring the poll and cheek area is relieved from rein engagement.

A key difference between this and the DC Morgan Happy tongue is that there are no internal rings on the cheekpiece which make them BD Dressage legal in Europe, please check with EA.

It is a solid mouth piece uniquely ported to give maximum tongue relief and slow in applying tongue pressure.

The Happy Tongue would be a good place to start if your horse is:

  • Shaking its head
  • Sticking its tongue out
  • Sucking its tongue back and as a result making an intermittent coughing noise
  • Trying to put its tongue over the bit
  • Going behind the bit to avoid the contact
  • Snatching the reins forward and down

The rider will know immediately if this is the correct bit, as a horse with a sensitive tongue will finally begin to work into, and accept the contact.

NOTE:  This style should sit snug on the horse, so the port does not move sideways. over the tongue and bars of the horses mouth.

Standard Ring size.

Please note that the sizing of the bit is explained below:

B12/07 – Thickness 12mm, Port 7mm

B12/08 – Thickness 12mm, Port 8mm

B14/09 – Thickness 14mm, Port 9mm

B16/10 – Thickness 16mm, Port 10mm

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B12/07, B12/08, B14/09, B16/10