Myler Parelli C3 Cradle with Medium Wide Ported Barrel MB 33


The Parelli Cradle bit is a modified version of a Myler Combination Bit. The cradle is a hybrid of ring bit, shank bit and hackamore.

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Myler Parelli Stainless Steel C3 Cradle, MB 33 Medium Wide Ported Barrel, Level 3

Working together since September 2006, Parelli USA and Myler Bits have designed a new Parelli Myler series of bits to compliment the Parelli Natural horsemanship program.

The MB 33 is the mildest Myler mouthpiece in terms of tongue pressure. The generously wide port allows room for the tongue to pass almost completely under the bit. Because this mouthpiece does not rotate on to the tongue and the port is wide, it applies little to no tongue pressure, working primarily off the lips and bars. The port on this mouthpiece is only 1 ½” high, so it will apply little to no palate pressure. Because the MB 33 offers such a high degree of tongue relief, the horse that goes well in this mouthpiece has a trustworthy and consistent disposition, and is trained to work off the leg and seat as well as the hands. Sweet iron mouthpiece oxidizes and encourages salivation.

  • Independent Side Movement
  • Sweet Iron Mouthpiece
  • Curved Mouthpiece
  • Copper Inlay

Notes: For less tongue relief and a level 2-3 bit, see the C2 Cradle with MB 43LP. For the same tongue relief in a shank bit, see the B3 Shank with MB 33.

The Parelli Cradle bit is a modified version of a Myler Combination Bit. The cradle is a hybrid of ring bit, shank bit and hackamore. A purchase ring with specially designed connectors for the noseband and chin strap sits atop a large center ring where the mouthpiece is attached. Unlike the other Myler combination bits, the rein attachment is built into the ring where the mouthpiece is attached. The noseband is flat braided nylon cord. The chin strap is knotted. The cradle bit has the Independent Swivel Cheek.

The Cradle bit functions the same as the standard Myler Combination Bit with a few subtle differences. The braided noseband and knotted chin strap more closely simulate the knotted rope halters commonly used in the Parelli program and other Natural Horsemanship programs, providing a smooth transition from halter work to bit work. The rein rings used in the combinations bits have been replaced with hooks built in to the center ring, which reduces the potential leverage to nearly zero but still allows the rider to fully utilize the Independent Side Movementâ„¢ of the mouthpiece.

Size: 5″ overall

Action: Indirect

Discipline: English or Western

Degree of Leverage:

Big Ring = No leverage
Bottom Hook = Very little to mild

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